Teambuilding in Food Academy

  • Develop and strengthen teamwork
  • Induction of a new team member
  • Thank the team for good work


If you would like to improve your team’s cooperation spirit, motivate your employees, celebrate completion of a successful project or simply have a good time with colleagues, then Food Academy is the best place for that.

In addition to joyful emotions in a tension free environment, all participants will also get to learn the art of cooking.

Under the instructions of an experienced chef, a dinner consisting of several courses will be prepared by the participants. Following the cookery session, the party will take a seat at the table to enjoy the great flavors of the dishes created in cooperation.

A fun evening will be spent that you can remind with colleagues in the future. The ability to collaborate and work as a team will be well developed. In the course of social cooking, you will surely get to know each other better and discover new and exciting sides of your colleagues.

Price from 70 euros + VAT(20%) per person.

Minimum budget for a private event in Tallinn is  840 + VAT(20%)

Duration: four hours.

In addition you may also order best suitable wines chosen by sommelier for each course.

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